Welcome to Breathwork Healing


How would your life look like, if you would know and understand yourself deeply? 


It can be scary to look inside of ourselves and open up to more healing

Limiting beliefs, collected pain, past traumas and 

unprocessed life events are often overwhelming, painful and confusing.


 I help people to make sense out of their life experiences, heal and gain wisdom from it.


Connecting to our inner guidance to find healthy ways to navigate through life, opens the path of healing

that leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves. When we learn to 

identify the layer of false self, unlearn unhealthy behaviour,

we invite new life experiences, that are more aligned with our truth, into our lives. 


I believe that, at any point in our lives, we know what's best for us when we learn to listen within.


When we learn to observe ourselves without getting lost in an emotional storm,

we can heal and take ownership for our lives experience.


Breathwork is a wonderful way to heal.

 Breathwork supports healing of physical, mental and spiritual imbalances and disconnect.


The practice of Breathwork is deeply healing and can open doors

to self-awareness, self-empowerment, and higher stages of consciousness

It can be a highly spiritual experience.



I'm looking forward to connect with you.



Eva Kornet


PS: Enjoy a short guided Breathwork Journey in the following video.

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