Kundalini Breathwork                      to strengthening your divine connection


Our breath is the direct connection to life. Without breath, there is no life. We start our human experience with a deep inhale and we finish life with an exhale. In between your life span, your breath is serving you constantly. Our breath is very powerful. 

"You are alive because of the breath of life. Use the breath of life in a slow potency to heal you, your mind, and to brighten your soul. Breathe in slowly, consciously, hold it consciously, and let it go consciously and slowly. Get to that rhythm, control it yourself. It can heal all, because it's the breath of life, which is the spirit in you, which is the soul in you, which is actually you, alive." Yogi Bhajan

You are invited to a breathwork healing journey. Kundalini Breathwork uses many different breathing pattern to alter your consciousness, raise your vibration and heal yourself into your truth, your divine connection.


Come and experience the power of your own breath.


When: Saturday January, 25th 2020, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Where: Kundalini Yoga East, New York City

Exchange $40 *


*early bird and discount available for Kundalini Yoga East Students

Valentines Day Healing Breathwork to deepen Self-Love

Self-Love is the most important base of our life. 


In this special Breathwork class we will breath away anything that is holding you back to love yourself more.


Breathwork is an active meditation technique. The breath is used as a healing tool. It is designed to release trauma and free yourself from unprocessed life events that are sitting deep in our body and subconscious memory. 


When: Valentines Day (February 14th), 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Where: Solid Gold Yogi, Bushwick NYC

Exchange $35

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