What people say about my work

Hoyd B.

Wow. I first met Eva at my Yoga Studio where she was hosting a breathwork workshop. I then followed up for a 1:1 session and have been able to connect to myself in the deepest expression of my 36 years with Eva’s gift and guidance. My favorite and most impactful therapy type. I wish you a similar (or richer) journey.



Carolyn J. 

Eva is a very skilled energy healer, pranayama and Kundalini Yoga instructor whose brilliant sense of humor is weaved into her unique approach. Her one-on-one sessions have helped me more readily and courageously attune to my physical, mental, and spiritual needs with increased clarity. She comes highly recommended.



Nurit R.

I met Eva through a good friend while going through tough time personally, and this was one of the best gifts I could receive. The moment I entered her studio I could feel the positive energy and her acceptance of me without any judgement. Eva is very easy to talk to. She listens and gives her perspective with kindness and love. She is a true healer. She truly wants to help you get where you want to be and she does it with so much grace, kindness, patience, spirituality and love. She takes her time to make sure you are doing ok. I had a few sessions of Breathwork with Eva which was the breakthrough I needed to start healing. Eva is a beautiful soul and I love her with all my heart. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to go on a personal journey of healing.



Eilis C.

Eva holds space for a magnitude of healing. She is immensely open, warm and understanding. She is so free and wonderful. Her honest words and grounding presence make you aware that you are about to experience something really special. The breath work itself is absolutely unbelievable. I am still in total awe of this experience with Eva. If anyone is reading this and thinking about Breath-work, Kundalini yoga or Life coaching, go and do the work with her. She is absolutely amazing. Thank you Eva!



Tina G.

Eva is an extraordinary wise woman and healer. She reads and feels your energy and her sensitivity and intuitive skills are genuinely spot on. What I deeply appreciate every time I come for a session is her kind and caring nature. The moment you enter her space it's like stepping into a clear, fresh energy where you are accepted as you are. You work a lot with your own breath while Eva observes and perceives everything that is going on in your body – the visible and the invisible. I'm always a step further on my path and a little more connected to my soul when I come out of a session with her. I can only recommend Eva and her healing work which is more a mission to the fullest.



Christina O.

I just wanted to take a minute and express my sincerest gratitude for your class today. I have been practicing meditation since I was young, and was able to reach a state that I haven't been able to reach in quite some time.

I enjoyed learning a new breath and your voice and inspiring words as we were breathing were so calming and allowed us to enter an emotional state while still remaining tranquil.

I cried three times and letting those tears run down my face while still maintaining my breathing pattern felt so empowering, I cannot begin to put it in words.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Jasmine T.

Meeting with Eva totally changed my life. Eva's energy is unmatched! She helped me change my perspective and realize that how people treat me is a reflection of who they are and has absolutely nothing to do with me. I highly recommend her!



Juliana N.

I attend the group classes at the Wild Woman The Art of Consciousness for about one year now and absolutely love them!!! Eva studies and shares with us precious knowledge she researches and help us achieving important insights in different topics related to consciousness for better living. I can't recommend her classes enough! Eva became a friend and helped me face - with joy and courage - one of the toughest transitions in my life. If you're into personal growth and the pursue of an authentic life you should definitely meet her!



Erin H.

Eva is a wonderful coach, & a wonderful person in general! She has a warm inner glow that makes you feel safe & comfortable in her presence. Her knowledge, wisdom & spirituality mixed with her being down to earth makes it easy to relate to her, while sharing some of life's most confusing/troubling issues. And her creative approach to the different services she offers is a total bonus! Especially since coaching is never "one size fits all." I'm so grateful for her input & inspiration.



Mafalda C.

Coming across Eva has been one of the best things that happened to me recently. She has a beautiful gift when it comes to both healing and coaching! She operates from an open heart and is truly dedicated to helping others. During her sessions I have been able to identify and connect with parts of myself that required my attention and have also received valuable information & practices that are helping me cope on a daily basis. Eva utilizes breathing techniques, energy healing, body/organ awareness, meditation and coaching. I recommend her services 100%! If you are looking to become more present, live a more conscious life and let go of negative patterns that are holding you back, you should definitely get in touch! I am certainly going to keep coming back for more.
P.S. She is also extremely approachable :)



Newq C.

There is something truly unic about Eva - her natural warmth, honesty, compassion, integrity, and soothing skills are a gift to New york city.  Her presence is uplifting and she's easy to trust (and easy to love). I've been intending to almost all her workshops, and I'm very sensitive to the power of her voice during guided meditations. 
I also had some concrete results like a new website I was trying to set up for years until the goal session made it a reality! If you wanna know more about yourself and are really to dive in the journey with authenticity and heart, you'll feel safe an guided by a loving kind wild woman.