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1:1 Breathwork experience

Come into my healing space in Brooklyn for a 90 minutes Breathwork experience. 


Each session is a unique intuitive journey, where we open the space together to bring your needs to the surface. Often I use simple breathings or guided meditations that help you to shift to a new perspective. After we created an intentional container for your healing, we will use the breath as a healing tool.


I will guide you through in a dynamic breathing experience that creates a unique healing space that works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and alignment. .


Book your experience now and connect deeper to yourself.


Release, transform, heal, play, re-think, open, reconnect. 


This is a in-person session based in Brooklyn, NY or virtually via zoom. 


1:1 Breathwork Experience 90 minutes

This is a personal Breathwork experience of 90 minutes. *None refundable



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After you booked any session, I'll reach out to you, to find the right time.

1:1 Couples Breathwork Experience

Come with your loved ones to my healing space in Brooklyn for this 90 minutes Breathwork experience to reconnect, heal and align into a new flow.


After we opened the space together for each personal needs, we going to explore how you two can connect in a more intimate way. Often I use a short eye gazing meditation to align the energy between you. 


The Breathwork experience is very unique and often it promotes room for individual healing and  healing for the dynamic between each other. 


Create intimacy, honesty, transparency, trust.

Release what's in the way of connecting to each other. 


Book your session now.

1:1 Couples Breathwork Experience 90 minutes

This is a couples Breathwork experience of 90 minutes at my healing space in Brooklyn. * None refundable


  • Available

After you booked the session, I'll reach out to you for your availability.

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