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More than ever, we need to find our truth within. All my offerings serving with more self awareness, deeper healing and knowing your inner truth. 


It's a matter of my heart to support you with classes that help you to stay grounded, balanced and find peace within.   Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork are both deeply healing and conscious altering practices. 


My offerings:

  • Kundalini Yoga Classes (1 hour 15 minutest) (Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of awareness. It's strengthens the nervous and immune system. It provides physical and spiritual healing. Each class is a journey within to connect body, mind and soul. Each class includes a Pranayama (breath awareness), a Kriya (set of exercise), deep relaxation and a meditation.)
  • Kundalini Breathwork (1 hour) (Our Breath is a healing. Our Breath is life. Kundalini Breathwork aligns to your higher self, it's grounding and strengthens your divine connection. It's very uplifting. Kundalini Yoga works with many different breathing pattern to serve different purposes.)
  • Breathwork (90 minutes) (Breathwork is an active meditation technique. The Breath is used as a healing tool to make space for the body to heal itself. This practice can assist in releasing fears, trauma, and old narratives and allow for more connection to your truth.)


My online classes are open to everyone. There are no levels, neither in Kundalini Yoga nor in Breathwork. You can start where you are at. You can take every class in the comfort of your own home. Download the free software Zoom, sign up and you are good to go.


Let's stay connected to each other and make the best out of this global crisis! 


Classes are donation/exchange based. Give what you can. If you can't give anything right now, please still take the class. I donate my time and skills to you. Exchange is an important part of your healing or the benefits of a class. If you can't give back in material form, I would be happy about a juicy review here or you recommend my classes to someone else.

Or just do something good for someone else. It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger. 


Value of my offerings: Usually I charge $15 for a Kundalini Class and $35 for a Breathwork Class per person.


Ways to support and donate

Venmo: Eva-Kornet


Or write a juicy review

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