Handmade Healing Mala's

I felt in love with creating handmade healing Mala's for people. It's a highly creative and intuitive process for me. It amazes me how the stones with their various healing benefits are manifesting for each person. Each gemstone creates a very unique space and support for the wearer. A Mala can have so many meanings and benefits, like grounding, support of spiritual growth, balance, self-love, guidance, healing and so much more. At the same time it's a unique beautiful piece of jewellery that can support you in your daily life.


Each handmade Mala is unique and made for you with a lot of love and care. I work exclusively with natural earth stones that vibe high to support your needs.  


A healing Mala is a neckless that is originally used in meditation and spiritual practices. In our modern times, it became a beautiful accessory. My Mala's are created in a traditional way with 108 beads. 


Let me create your handmade healing Mala jewelry. Let's connect and talk about the purpose and colours of yours. "


Customized Mala Jewelry

Let me create your personal Mala.


After we found the purpose of your Mala, allow me about 2-3 weeks to make it.


Here a small inspiration of possibilities. A few stones are not available as beads, but there is always an equivalent. It's not limited to this variety. 


gemstone meanings

Customized Mala

This is a unique Mala that will be made for you. After we found the purpose, allow me 2-3 weeks to create until it's ready to ship.

Shipping in US only.

For international orders please contact me eva.kornet@me.com


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