Coaching/Consulting 1-on-1

healing coaching & consulting by eva kornet

Do you feel a little bit lost, overwhelmed, stuck or confused? Do you need to shift your mindset or understand your life journey a little deeper, but don't know where to start?


Spiritual and personal growth can be very challenging at times. It takes courage to look deeper and heal the false layer of yourself.  


It can be so helpful to reflect on your life through new eyes. Let me help you to get:

  • clarity about yourself and your life,
  • release limiting beliefs that hold you back,
  • understand and transform an emotion that troubles,
  • create a clear life vision and an action plan,
  • transform emotional pain into wisdom,
  • deal with change, 
  • learn to feel your feelings as an observer,
  • make sense out of past experiences and integrate them.


This is a 50 minutes personal and spiritual coaching/consulting session based on your needs.





Coaching/Consulting 1-on-1


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