Community Breathwork

to count your blessings 


Sunday, November 29th, 2020

11am - 12:30pm EST

Live from New York City


This is a virtual class.

Join from anywhere in the world.


Register via button down for this class. All information will be send to you.


Value of this class $30.



I'd like to give back to you, give thanks for your support. You have been a blessing to me this year.


This is a donation based Breathwork class where we count our blessings together, hold space for each other and breath out what needs to go. Let's heal together and grow into new possibilities. All of us have been challenged this year and I believe now is the time to harvest our fruits of labor.


When we're thankful, our hearts vibration changes. Let's change our vibration, to change the vibration on earth together. 


Join me from anywhere in the world.


Breathwork is an active meditation technique. We use the breath as a healing tool to make space for the body to heal itself. This practise can assist in releasing stuck emotions, trauma and old narratives while helping us experience a deeper connection to the unique truth that each of us holds within ourselves.


We going to work with a guided imagery meditation before we use the breath as a releasing tool. Our brain works in images and through a guided imagery meditation, we allow the brain to get a new perspective. 


We are working with our body, mind & energy in this class to achieve clear mental, emotional and energetic state of flow where we can meet ourselves from a new perspective.


You don't need any previous experience. Your breath is your teacher and will guide you through the journey within.