Breathwork Journey

to connect to your truth


Sunday, January 17th, 2021

11am - 12:30pm EST

Live from New York City


This is a virtual live class.

Join from anywhere in the world.


Registration closes two hours prior class.

All information and the zoom access code, will be send to you after the registration closed. 


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What is your inner truth and do you live your life from that place? By definition, truth is the quality or state of being true. The path of healing requires often to release an old version of ourselves and step into who we truly are. It takes great courage to look deeper, release and grow into our unique truth. Breathwork is a very wise and healing way to free ourselves from outgrown versions of ourselves.


On this Breathwork Journey, we will use the breath to make space for more inner truth, free ourselves from places where we stuck  and heal the nervous system from the stories that let us play small. 


By changing the rhythm of our breathing, we increase the energy in our body and it promote a state of flow. In this state of flow, the energy is able to move stuck emotions, release trauma and clear our nervous system, where all of our outgrown programs and stories are held. The body will heal itself and adjust the nervous system which can free ourselves from unprocessed life events. Breathwork can open our consciousness. It can be a highly spiritual experience. 


Join me from anywhere in the world.


You don't need any previous experience. Your breath is your teacher and will guide you through the journey within.


Breathwork Journey to connect to your truth


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