for self-embodiment


Sunday, June 13th, 2021

11am - 12:45pm EST

Live from New York City


This is a virtual live class.

Join from anywhere in the world.


Registration closes two hours prior class.

All information and the zoom access code, will be send to you after the registration closed. 


You'll have access to the recording of the class for 10 days even if you can't join live. 



Our embodied self is our true nature. Who are you? Isn't in fascinating that we are always with ourselves and still, we are a mystery to ourselves? We are so complex and layered that there is always something new to discover within. 


You are a unique being in the way you are made, your perspective on life and your life experiences made each one of us very special. In this class we will shine the light on all you are and learn how to embrace all of yourself. In the journey of life, if we learn to accept who we are, understand ourselves deeply and get to know our unique truth and values, we can develop a deep trust in our life and be guided by our own wisdom. 


Nobody is you, and that is your power. This class will be a journey into your internal world.


Understand your cycles of life, the rhythm and flow of yourself and learn to own your human journey.


Shift your awareness for yourself, find your deepest truth, and access your inner treasure. 


On each Breathwork Journey, we use the breath to make space for more inner truth, free ourselves from places where we stuck and heal the nervous system from the stories that let us play small. 


By changing the rhythm of the breathing, we increase the energy level in our body and it promotes a state of flow. In this state, the energy is able to move stuck emotions, release past traumatic life experiences and clear the nervous system from outgrown stories and beliefs. The body gets a change to open up to heal itself. It's a deep healing that makes room for our unique truth. Breathwork can open our consciousness. It can be a highly spiritual experience. 


Join me from anywhere in the world.


You don't need any previous experience. Your breath is your teacher and will guide you through the journey within.


Breathwork for self-embodiment


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