Hi, my name is Eva Kornet - an intuitive healer, a pioneer of consciousness and a Wild Woman. I am part of a conscious movement to find new ways of living.


I believe that we are here on earth experiencing life for a reason. We are alive to understand our truth, and uncover the joy and strength that comes from sharing our gifts with others to make the world a better place.


In 2008 I endured a massive nervous breakdown. I found myself burned out and overwhelmed, and I realised that I wasn't living as the person I was meant to be. I needed to figure out life. I needed to find my truth and follow my heart. 


In that moment, I made a difficult but life-altering decision after I cried out all my pain, I resolved to start my life anew. I decided to awaken, to figuratively shred my skin, and to discard the parts of my life and identify that weren't authentically me. 


The process was tumultuous. I turned myself inside out to learn who I really am, and I felt as though I died a hundred deaths to be reborn a thousand times. I felt as though I lost everything only to receive it all a million times over. I sold my company in Germany, played around with different lifestyles, traveled the world - and eventually made a home in Brooklyn, NY.


What a journey! Born and raised in Germany, living and thriving in New York and the world is my home. I'm a Virgo, rising Sagittarius, moon in Cancer. I love human beings, I'm fascinated by human behaviour, and I'm immersed in the exploration of consciousness. I'm highly sensitive and love my super power that comes with it.


My work as a Breathwork Healer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher is influenced by shamanism and a full education in life and business coaching (NLP, hypno coaching, EFT, systemic constellation coaching and guided imagery meditation). 


I'm a Virgo Sun, Rising Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer. In Human Design I'm a Manifestor.


I'm looking forward to connecting.