Welcome to Thirsty Soul, my virtual Kundalini Yoga Studio


Kundalini Yoga, also know as Yoga of awareness, is a wonderful practise to get in touch with your body, mind and soul. It's a journey into the senses and energy. Through getting in touch with our bodies energies and senses, we are able to deepen our unique connection to ourselves and even learn the language of our body and soul. 


Kundalini Yoga it's a spiritual discipline and a deep healing practise.


The Kundalini energy is part of every human being and it's someone's fullest potential and pure consciousness. Through the practise of Kundalini Yoga your entire energy will be activated and brought into alignment. It strengthens the nervous system to allow your body to hold a higher vibration.

My yoga studio is for everyone that want to deepen their spiritual practices, want to do their work and deeply get to know themselves. My work is focused on deep healing, self-mastery and opening doors within yourself, that help you to step into your life purpose and bring it to life.


I'm here for highly sensitive people, that want to be part of a conscious shift and need to manage their emotions and energy. My studio is for the empaths that want to gain emotional balance and raise their vibration and keep it up daily.


Kundalini Yoga works on body, mind and soul and aligns in a very unique way. It works through breath, movement, meditation and mantra.


This practise opens a room for a deeper journey within. It supports someone in learning who they truly are and where to look for the unique treasure, that each one of us carry. I believe our soul speaks to us through our senses and energy and it's a unique language for each individual.


Kundalini Yoga is a discipline to master this human life and experience all aspects of yourself through body, mind and energy.


Bring your healing & self-mastery journey to the next level and join Thirsty Soul as a Member.


The monthly Membership includes

  • one virtual weekly Kundalini Yoga live class (75minutes),
  • access to all pre-recorded Kundalini Yoga classes 24/7 from everywhere in the world,
  • personal support,
  • being part of an international spiritual Community,
  • short set's and breathing classes will be added as specials.

No long term commitment. Cancel on a monthly base.

Each class is a unique experience. The theme of the class will change every week.


Monthly membership fee $49. (NOT AVAILAVLE RIGHT NOW)

Join for one live class only fee $14. (NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW)


Rent the library of live class recordings, monthly base. $39.




Thirsty Soul is going into a Summer Break until end of September. The library will stay available for rent. 

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