About Breathwork


Breathwork became so popular over the past years. But what is it? Simply said, it is changing the rhythm of your breathing. Through changing the rhythm of our breath we are able to change the flow of our energy, open and heal the nervous system and reach higher stages of consciousness. It's a deeper learning of who we truly are, releasing the stories that keep us small and step into our unique truth. It's a process to adjust emotional stages that make our life journey challenging. 


I'm so fascinated by the breath, because it provides always what is needed the most. It access the body wisdom and promotes self healing. There are many styles of Breathwork. I studied with David Elliott and other wonderful international teachers of breathing, healing, life coaching, Kundalini Yoga, shamanism and other healing modalities. I'm on my personal healing and self-growth journey since 2007. Out of my personal healing journey, I created a system that opens the body and nervous system for deeper healing. I use different breathing techniques, some light physical exercises from Kundalini Yoga and different meditation techniques during my Breathwork journeys.  


Healing is very limited in my opinion, if we only approach it from a mental perspective. It's important to understand ourselves, but to really free ourselves and be who we are, it takes adjustment of our nervous system.


Why is the nervous system so important when it comes to healing? Our nervous system holds memories of our life story and unprocessed life events. It holds trauma in our body, which is trapped energy that is connected to an event that we were unable to deal with and release. Our nervous system responses out of the wiring of past events to keep us save. Some of the wiring are out of early childhood. Often we operating our life out of this early times. This is why we unable to make deep changes in our behaviour and step out of our own way. It's when we feel trapped in our emotions or when we keep responding in the same unhealthy pattern and it feels like there is no way out.



Breathing is holistic medicine that works on body, mind and energy. It can be a highly spiritual experience and bring deep transformation. It can spark up the light within that you deeply longing for.


Breathwork is a deeply healing practise that let you get you closer to yourself, own who you are and step up in your life.