About Breathwork


Breathwork became so popular over the past years, but what is it? Simply said, it's changing the rhythm of our breath to activate our self-healing capacity. Breathwork healing is a holistic medicine that works on our body, mind and energetic self.


There are various healing benefits, like releasing stuck emotions, transforming old beliefs and the stories we hold about our life. It's a deeply self-care practise that peels of false layers and makes space for our unique true self. It can assist to release trauma out of your body and nervous system. 


Through changing the rhythm of our breath we are able to change the flow of our energy, open and heal the nervous system and heal back into a place that feels more organic and true to ourselves. It's a a journey of reconnecting, releasing, integrating and healing. It access the body's wisdom and helps us to see and feel ourselves more clearly and be guided by our own wisdom. 


Why is the nervous system so important when it comes to healing? Because our nervous system holds memories of our life story and unprocessed life events. It holds trauma, which is trapped energy that is connected to an event that we were unable to deal with and release. Breathwork has the capacity to rewire and open that trapped energy. When our energy flows again, we are able to connect deeper and more authentic. 


Breathwork can be a highly spiritual experience that can promote higher stages of consciousness. 


Healing is very limited, if we only approach it from a mental perspective. It's important to understand ourselves, but to really free and transform the stories of life, we need to release the emotional and energetic charge that we're holding in our bodies.


There are many styles of Breathwork. I studied with David Elliott, John Ameral and other wonderful international teachers of breathing, healing, life coaching, Kundalini Yoga, meditation, shamanism, energy medicine and other healing modalities. 



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