When you judge something or someone, you are judging yourself

When we judge someone or something, we are judging ourselves. Try to watch yourself. When you find yourself judging something or someone, say: "So am I!" and be honest with yourself. The other person is just a mirror of a unconscious belief or thought that you telling yourself.

Judgment separates us. But if we see from our heart we are all human beings and we are all one! Love more!

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    Valerie Lux (Thursday, 02 March 2017 14:56)

    I found myself doing this but not when I was judging, but scoulding about someone. The anger a certain person arose inside myself most of the time was the anger of myself and I critized the habit I critize mostly about myself. If this mirror approach politicians would use more often, we would have less violent conflicts, as defense policy most of the time is needed to distract people from current problems in internal affairs. Keep on going, Eva!
    Greetings from another wild woman in Germany